Inflatable Income?

Well, Summer is finally coming to an end, and I've been contemplating the next step for Bam. We already have, what you might call, "Conventional Entertainment". You know, the usual things, such as Face Painters, Clowns, Stilt-Walkers and Costume Characters.

However, over time we've added Photo Booths, Murder Mysteries and now...Bounce houses!

Some one said to me the other day "But aren't there already tons of companies doing this already?"

"Well, yes there are!" I said. "But I have a company which people already trust, and hopefully they'll come to me for this too!"

When the Inflatables arrived the other day, my wife and I unpacked the huge boxes in front of our house. Several neighbors came by and said things like "Ooh, what is it this time?" or "You are a crazy bunch!"

Once unpacked and squeezed through the front door, I realized that we are outgrowing the house, as a storage facility. It's finally time to get somewhere to store all the wacky things we now own.

That weekend was spent testing out one of the bounce houses, on the front lawn. Within minutes, the neighborhood kids appeared from all corners. We suddenly became the most popular house!

On a final note, have you ever tried putting a tent back in its original bag? Well, it's the same for Inflatables apparently!

Hey, if you'd like to hire ANY of our services, give Chris a call (918) 899 8819 or email

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