Ready For the Holidays? I am :)

So, it may be the last day of September, and you're probably not even ready to think about Halloween, right?

The thing is; the Holidays are coming!

I always get excited planning entertainment for my favorite season. In the past I've sent out personalized Santa messages all over the world, I've hired the man himself, plus his faithful Elves, and I've even sent out a talented bunch of Victorian Carolers.

All of our performers are local and most have Theatre backgrounds.

This year I'm adding a really cool Photo Booth into the mix! We'll be dressing it up with Tinsel and Holiday Themed decorations. It's going to look really great.

So, here's my question to you. Do you know of anyone whose Holiday party will be that much better if they hire BAM?

I've worked tirelessley for the past few years to get to this point and would love to show you all what we can do.

Please consider mentioning BAM as an option to your boss, entertainment manager, friend or anyone you know who books entertainment.

I promise they won't be dissapointed.

They can call me on (918) 899 8819

Email me at

Or find me around town. I'm usually dresses in some kind of fancy costume, riding a Unicycle and singing to someone!

Cheers Tulsa! :)

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